Why Is My Car’s Turn Signal Flashing Fast?

September 28th, 2022 by
why is my car's turn signal flashing fast?

Gene Messer Chevrolet will exlpain why your car’s turn signal is flashing fast.

The moment you jump in your car, you’ll be able to notice if anything is different when you’re riding around. If it’s unusual odors, performance ability, or the general feeling of the vehicle on the street, you’ll be quick to notice a small change since you last drove your car. For this problem, you’re about to make a left turn, and you see your turning signal is blinking faster than usual. Here is where a host of different issues could play a role in the turn signal flashing so fast. There might be a lot of reasons, ranging from faulty wiring in your car, the lightbulb being used is burnt-out, or you’re using aftermarket LED headlights that simply aren’t compatible with the car. We will guide you through the entire process of figuring out why the turn signal lights are flashing faster than usual and how to get them fixed.

The Turning Signal Lightbulb Has Burned-Out

The Bulb Is Burnt-Out

One of the biggest causes of a faster-than-usual turn signal might be a burned-out lightbulb for that side. A burned-out lightbulb could be an essential cog of an annoyingly fast blinking turn signal that doesn’t stop since the bulb is sending an irregular current in the indicator system. Yes, you could test out if both turn signals are flashing faster than usual. However, it’s better to bring it to our service department to have the technicians take a look at it and solve the issue.

Added Aftermarket Taillights

The Aftermarket LED Headlights Aren’t Compatible

If you identify yourself as a car enthusiast that likes to personalize many parts of your vehicle, you may purchase car parts that aren’t suited for your vehicle, this might cause a host of problems. Custom or aftermarket lights may present many problems if it isn’t compatible, and a quick flashing light can be one of many issues. It’s always better to let us handle finding the right car components and help you locate compatible headlights to stop this issue.

The Car Might Have A Another Problem

The Car May Have A Bigger Issue

This cause isn’t as straightforward as the reasons mentioned previously, but solving this can go a long way toward stopping bigger problems from popping up in the car. Whether it’s faulty wiring creating problems for the turn signals circuit or a lack of power, both of these can bring about similar problems. However, in most cases, this turning signal problem might be the first warning of a larger problem your vehicle may be having. All in all, it’s better to bring your car to our service center and let our service technicians take a look.

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